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Tips on How to Manage Your Finances and Stay Debt Free

Being in debt can at times feel like a hopeless situation. You seem to try too much to put the situation under control but simply never get it right. As if that’s not enough, you are always on the edge, constantly wondering and always anxious that the next call could be from your creditor asking you about repayment. However, if you are keen on staying out of the red line, there is no other way other than to effectively manage your finances. The dilemma is in the fact that not everyone is a financial guru and therefore financial management is more or less an alien phenomenon to many ordinary folks in the UK or any other part of the world. It is for this reason that this article has been penned to enlighten you on a number of tips you can utilize to effectively manage your finances and stay debt free.
The only way you can stay on top of your spending is if you budget on how you are going to spend the money you have. As a rule, never spend more than you earn or spend the money you don’t have. Budgeting entails planning for your money and understanding how each penny will be used. It’s a good way to avoid impulse spending and ensures that you don’t spend on unnecessary things.
Put a leash on the use of credit cards
Truth be told, credit cards have a way of getting you into debt as you are spending cash you don’t have. Most of the time, you find yourself charging for virtually everything without pausing to comprehend the impact it will have on your finances. It is therefore prudent that you avoid using credit cards or if you must use, charge amounts you can comfortably pay at the end of the month. The wise thing to do would be to shop using hard cash as you will feel the pinch as opposed to the use of credit cards. Credit cards tend to make people spend more than what they would if they were using crisp cash.

Cut down on unnecessary expenses
It is easy to be sucked into partying every other weekend or eating in posh restaurants every once in a while. While this is laudable if you have sufficient disposable income, prudent management of your finances requires that you check your expenses. Only spend your money on what is necessary and avoid unnecessary expenditure which could seriously hurt your finances and put you into debt. Additionally, rather eating at the restaurant every single day, you could make food at home and carry it to work for lunch. It could save you a great amount of money and help you stay out of debt.
Apply for low interest rate credit card
It is highly not advised to rely on credit cards for every purchase. However, if you must use a credit card, then ensure that you apply for low interest rate credit cards. The logic is pretty simple. The lower the interest rate you pay on a credit card, the more money you get to save.